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Kate Campbell of Splash Strategy

Kate and her sister Allison developed Splash Strategy to help women professionals break the glass ceiling and accelerate their career progression!


Through a series of Make your SplashTM resources including an ebook, webinar programs, an online course, 1:1 support and customized corporate and community workshops Splash Strategy is answering a BIG gap in the market - women in more power positions!

At Yolopalooza Kate's talk, “Make your Splash: Powerful Strategies to Accelerate your Career Progression” is an overview of 10 powerful strategies to optimize your career progression and bring you closer to living your dreams.


Special Offer for Yolopalooza attendees: Kate and SS is offering a 15% discount on our Make Your SplashTM 8 Week Webinar Program or Make Your SplashTMOnline Course.


Happie Micah Edwards has a story that will warm your heart.

A Jamaican refugee, Happie chose Toronto as their haven as they escaped persecution for being who they truly are.

Through this journey they discovered the power of everyone's unique importance, especially their own.


Happie now spreads the message, "I am necessary" to let more and more people remember that everyone has a purpose and a reason to live and spread their own light in the world, free of persecution and judgment.


Sheena Denise of Raw Redemption - A returning Yolopalooza alum! 

She does it all from Astrology charts and Reiki healing to creating her own crystal-infused lotions and sprays.

Don't miss your chance to meet Sheena and grab some complimentary good vibes!


Roy Loveless Custom Guitars

If you've ever dreamed of that perfect acoustic sound from a guitar built just for you then you have come chat to the boys at Roy Loveless guitars.

Loveless has been building custom guitars and mandolins of all shapes and sizes with rare and beautiful wood from all over the world since 2000. He's even built a custom acoustic for

Rob Baker of The Tragically Hip!

Definitely something for every musician's bucket list!


StressLess Naturals

StressLess Natural Solutions are handmade natural aromatherapy products to help replace fragrance oils with essential oils. 

Everything is made by hand by founder, Brett Hardy, in small batches, using 100% natural essential oils & plant-based ingredients.

Natural. Vegan. Cruelty-free.


Kate and Lynne from Pruvit each have a separate and equally astounding story of their work with Pruvit and Ketones.

From getting off of all pain medication related to Multiple Sclerosis to losing over 30 pounds in 3 months, you have to see these incredible women and believe it!




Get your BOLD or natural pair of falsies from Pintalash.

You can check out all the styles, The Amys, Angelas, Almas, Ayannas and Emmas!

PLUS! Check out Yolopalooza founder, Ashe, at the event to see her sporting her custom look designed by Pintalash!


Turalt | The Technology of Empathy

Another Yolopalooza alum, Turalt is returning to show us how they provide cutting edge technology that makes us all more empathetic communicators.

Come talk with Chris McKillop about a personal assessment today that will help you avoid embarrassing misunderstandings that happen over text and email!


Gifting Guru


Gift giving just got easier! 

Meet Safiyya, a young entrepreneur using a grant from Ryerson to make her dream app a reality.

Launching this September, Gift Guru will solve all your shopping woes by profiling your gift receiver and helping you choose the perfect gift!






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